Thursday, February 25, 2016

Minnesota Map...including Scriven!

This map of Minnesota has no date on it, but we have placed it to be made somewhere in the early nine-teen hundreds. There are many small towns on this map where censuses were no longer taken after the early 1900s. One of the most noteable of these is Scriven which is located just southeast of Parkers Prairie on the close up picture of our region. The town of Scriven had a Post Office that closed in 1905, though the community lingered on for a few years afterward. The company that made the map, AK Nystrom & Company, told us the map is vintage, but could not help us identify the year. Apparently the year the map was made would be on the bottom right side, but has frayed off. In the coming months, more will be posted on Scriven- particularly its cemetery. 

Click here for a closer image.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Peterson Burial Mound

The Peterson Burial Mound is located on the Southeast side of Nelson lake located in Parkers Prairie township. The burial site was first discovered by a farmer in the 1930’s when plowing his field. There were two burial mounds discovered when the farmer who owned the land plowed up the first mound and found human bone fragments including the skull. Upon discovering this, he decided to contact the University of Minnesota Archaeological Department.  The archeology crew then discovered a second mound with human remains as well. The bone fragments of six individuals were brought to the University of Minnesota and were eventually repatriated at the Sisseton Reservation in 1999. Very little is known by locals about this site or any actions that the University of Minnesota took in regards to this site. This information was found in a Minnesota Historical Society publication from 1968 and through correspondence with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Historical Society. Click here for additional information.
Source: Burial Mounds of Central Minnesota (St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society, 1969)

Friday, February 5, 2016

1983 All School Reunion

A school was built and teachers hired,
The way our ancestors desired.
We find in history as we delve -
The first grads were in 1912.
Up rose the sigh, “Dear Parkers High.”
But hist’ry’s hazy, sometimes crazy.
It seems around that time, we’re told,
There were years of two-year classes -
Pioneers, those lad and lasses.
And time went by, at Parkers High.

- “As Time Goes By At Parkers High” by Eileen Klein

Deep in the files of Mr. Mesker’s cabinet, we found this speech from the all school reunion held on August 13, 1983. The event brought 1,500 past students, faculty, and administration from all walks of life to Parkers Prairie High School for a day full of fun. Irene Murray, a graduate from the class of 1913, was the oldest student at the program. Former students from different graduating classes were involved in the program, which included music, skits, entertainment, and speeches. Everyone came together again and shared old and new stories. Click on the image above for more information.