Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vietnam Veterans Plaque Unveiled

The new Vietnam Veterans Plaque was unveiled on Veterans Day last Friday, November 11th. As part of the Veterans Day program, Fred Liljegren, Parkers Prairie High School graduate, a veteran, local character of note, and History Club Advisor, gave the keynote speech. His speech encouraged students to 'pay your debt' as many veterans have sacrificed for our country to be the great place that it is. He emphasized vigilance over complacency, gratitude over arrogance, and giving over entitlement. He encouraged students to take charge of their own education and to challenge themselves. 

At the conclusion of the address the new Vietnam Veterans Plaque was unveiled. The previous plaque (see earlier post) was missing a few names and there was not enough room to fit the others on. The new plaque is pictured with Mr. Liljegren above. Since its unveiling, another name has been brought to our attention (good thing there are extra name plates) and will be added soon.