Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vietnam Veterans Plaque

The PPHS History Club is looking to find the names of Vietnam veterans not already listed on the plaque in the high school, which is dedicated to all those who attended Parkers Prairie High School and also served in the Vietnam War. We are also looking for the names of nurses who served in the Vietnam War and attended PPHS. Unfortunately, not all of the names were put on the plaque, and we are looking to fix that. As of now, the History Club knows of two Vietnam veterans who are not listed: Leon Hansen and George Woida. The names listed below are all those who are currently on the plaque. If you know of anyone whose name is not on the list and should be, please contact David O’Brien at or Fred Liljegren at 218-338-6173. Keep in mind that the veteran does not necessarily need to have graduated from PPHS, only to have attended. Thank you for any information you may provide!
Veterans whose names are currently listed on the plaque: Stevan Angell, Dwight L. Benson, Robert C. Bjerketvedt, Ronald C. Diedrich, Gary D. Diekow, Roger A. Dittberner, Lowell E. Freudenberg, John L. Gessel, Warren S. Hall, Kent B. Halverson, Terry E. Iverson, Donald M. Martinson, Michael A. Lein, Bruce N. Boehne, James H. Hanson, Urben T. Hellerman, Leroy C. Hemquist, Ronald D. Hink, Thomas M. Hink, Alvin C. Johnson, Robert C. Julig, Daryl P. Koep, Douglas D. Kraemer, James M. Kraemer, Gale D.Uhde, Klaus W. Seeger, David Diedrich, Steven J. Jenson, David E. Larson, Jon M. Larson, Thomas D. Larson, Ronald A. Lenke, Richard J. Lenarz, Allan J. Lenz, Robert W. Lenz, Earnest A. Lind, Roger O. Lukken, Gary C. Uhde, James A. Watt, Donald Myren, James R. Boehne, Roger A. Meyer, Gary J. Olson, Dennis O. Payne, Tony J. Quitmeyer, Alan D. Ratajesak, Kenneth L. Rauscher, James A. Robbin, Marvin H. Schauland, Charles T. Severson, Thomas R. Terfehr, James J. Theusch, Lester O. Freske, John T. Lundblad, Charles A. Thun, Donald A. Uhde, Thomas A. Uhde, Charles K. Venzke, David A. Weber, Dennis Weber, Duane S. Weller, Irvin G. Woodworth Jr, Donald H. Zuehlke, David E. Booen, David F. Carlson, Ralph S. Guck, Michael F. Theusch, Richard S. Theusch, and Donald R. Rubner.
UPDATE 7.27: Thus far we have over a dozen names that will be added.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Herdman Barn Pictures Part Four: FOLDEN TOWNSHIP

Click on the image above for part three of the Herdman Barn Pictures. See here for more information on these images!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Herdman Barn Pictures Part Three: EFFINGTON TOWNSHIP

Click on the image above for part three of the Herdman Barn Pictures. See here for more information on these images!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Herdman Barn Pictures Part Two: ELMO TOWNSHIP

Click on the image above for part two of the Herdman Barn Pictures. See the previous post for more information on these images!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Herdman Barn Pictures

Last year while I was at a wedding reception for a former student, I was chatting with Gale Iverson about the History Club and some of the things we have been up to the last couple of years. He mentioned to me that Donna Herdman had pictures of a number of local farms. I jotted myself a note.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came to school one morning and had a message from her. She had beaten me to the punch. The History Club had begun its annual application process and we were looking at activities for the summer. The focus for the year is the changing rural landscape. When Donna mentioned the pictures she had, the fit could not have been more perfect.

These photos were taken by Donna and her husband during the 90's. The sheer number of photos is remarkable and they provide the visual evidence of the importance of agriculture in this community (not that a drive through the countryside would not be ample enough evidence). The History Club spent a day scanning the photographs so they can be available digitally. Click here for the first of a series of the photos that Donna has so kindly shared. This first batch is Parkers Prairie Township and the family names and sections have all been documented by the Herdmans.