Thursday, March 31, 2016

February 1965 Area Fact Survey

By clicking on the booklet above you can view a 'Community Fact Survey' printed by the Parkers Prairie Lions Club. A shot history of the town, some great images, and information on industries and taxation in the area are included. This was recently given to the class by Kelly Mesker. 

P.S. Kathee and Gary, if you recognize this it is because you gave it to Kelly with instructions written on the packet to "return to Gary Olson." We promise we will return it soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

December 1964 School Newspaper

By clicking here, you can visit the December 1964 school newspaper. The front page headline: Luke 2:1-14. This was in the era of change with the Supreme Court's Engel v. Vitale decision, the case that certainly reduced the role of religion in the public schools. The class certainly had a good time looking through this newspaper, as a couple of familiar faces in the building are on the Grade 9 Honor Roll. There is plenty to look at, from columns to sports rosters and results. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Exhibit at OTCHS


The Otter Tail County Historical Society has an exhibit on high school sports in Otter Tail County. GO TEAM! is the 2016 temporary exhibit and each school has supplied artifacts and information for the exhibit. With the help of Kelly Mesker, some of the Parkers Prairie Panthers artifacts are on display. For example, Parkers Prairie had a girls basketball team in the 1920s! It is definitely worth a look. More on the exhibit can be found here. The Minnesota History class paid it a visit on March 15th.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Proposed Lake Adley Park

Recently a student brought in this proposal for Lake Adley Park dated 1955. By clicking on the blueprint above, an image that can be enlarged further will open. As can be seen, the park was not made to the proposed size. Highway 29 and the road heading to the park are clear on the blueprint and the proposal allows for a large area north of where the current park is. The only parts that made it were the access road and a small part of what they had of the picnic area and the shooting range was put elsewhere.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Parkers Prairie Roller Mill

While organizing the files of local history projects, we came across some old photos. These photographs are of the Parkers Prairie Roller Mill. When looking in the Centennial, we found the mill was located near the four old elevators. Roller Mills use cylindrical rollers to grind grain, as opposed to gristmills, which used large, circular stones. An example of a roller mill would be Phelps Mill. Although we couldn’t find a lot information about the old Parkers Prairie Roller Mill, we think the photos are interesting enough to share. If anyone has any additional information about the Parkers Prairie Roller Mill, please contact