Thursday, June 22, 2017

Parkers Prairie Aerial View

A good friend of mine from Osakis, Tim Larson, was recently going through some of his grandparents' belongings and found this image of the town published in the Echo Press. The school really does look magnificent. Click the image for an enlarged view.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Website inactivity...

Sorry this website has been rather inactive as of late. This project has two portions:

1- The PPHS History Club, which is active from May to August. Look for research coming soon...

2- The Minnesota History class contributes the majority of the entries to this site. However, this course is only offered every other year in the spring at PPHS. My initial hope was that students would continue to add to this site by taking independent studies, but this has not come to fruition. Continue to check in, there will be more, but usually in bursts.

Author Rhonda Fuchs


Rhonda Fochs is the author of five books on lost towns, including the above book featuring lost towns of Otter Tail County. Listed here are a few links worth reading:

This link will take you to information on her books and events.

This link will take you to Back Road with Rhonda, which features a number of images and comments on some of the places Fochs has re-discovered. The Bertha Museum is included in the entries.

Lastly, this link will take you to an article on her newest book and it includes some quotes from a certain local social studies teacher.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Otter Tail County and World War I

A rather difficult to find book of local note is Otter Tail County Minnesota in the World War, published in 1919. The Otter Tail County Historical Society has a copy that is in tough shape, but still accessible.

The only other copy I am aware of is owned by the Herdman family. Byron Herdman shared his family's copy of the book with me and while there is no image of a sendoff from Parkers Prairie (unlike an interesting image of a sendoff for the troops in Henning) there is images of soldiers from Parkers Prairie itself. Click here to view these images.

This is a fascinating book and I have a couple of photocopied. If you ever want to look through them, just send me an email and I would be happy to borrow them out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Military History of Otter Tail County

I was looking around the Otter Tail County Historical Society and came across this excellent source.

The OTCHS has done an excellent job giving a synopsis of Otter Tail County Military History.

They have a couple of great sounding exhibits opening in February- 'Otter Tail County in World War I' and 'Making Otter Tail County.' More information can be found here.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vietnam Veterans Plaque Unveiled

The new Vietnam Veterans Plaque was unveiled on Veterans Day last Friday, November 11th. As part of the Veterans Day program, Fred Liljegren, Parkers Prairie High School graduate, a veteran, local character of note, and History Club Advisor, gave the keynote speech. His speech encouraged students to 'pay your debt' as many veterans have sacrificed for our country to be the great place that it is. He emphasized vigilance over complacency, gratitude over arrogance, and giving over entitlement. He encouraged students to take charge of their own education and to challenge themselves. 

At the conclusion of the address the new Vietnam Veterans Plaque was unveiled. The previous plaque (see earlier post) was missing a few names and there was not enough room to fit the others on. The new plaque is pictured with Mr. Liljegren above. Since its unveiling, another name has been brought to our attention (good thing there are extra name plates) and will be added soon. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

William O. Douglas

Image result for william o douglas

"Common sense often makes good law." William O. Douglas, 1957.

I was well aware of William O. Douglas's long tenure on the Supreme Court. He was selected to serve on the Highest Court in the Land by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939, just a couple years after the failed court packing scheme in which FDR attempted to expand the number of judges to ensure his New Deal programs would not be shut down. Douglas became the longest serving judge in Supreme Court history, serving thirty five years. During his time on the court he wrote thirty books and numerous opinions.

He was an unconventional judge, writing his opinions quickly and using a variety of techniques, earning him the nickname Wild Bill. He was in the minority opinion often. He was a strong voice for First Amendment rights. He was a factor in a number of historic cases, upholding FDR's internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, claiming a right of privacy in the "penumbras" of the Constitution that later was used in part to legalize abortion, and he granted a temporary stay of execution to the Rosenbergs, who had been convicted of selling atomic bomb information to the Soviets.

Long story short, this Douglas played a major role in twentieth century America. I will spare writing more about his accomplishments here as there is plenty of great sources that cover that ground. The real question is, what is he doing on this site?

A couple of weeks ago I was eating at Tilly T's and ran into Norman Barge. During our conversation he brought up Douglas and his connection to Otter Tail County. He left me some additional information in my mailbox at church. It turns out that Douglas was born in Maine Township in Otter Tail County in 1898. A quick search did not give me the precise location of his first home, but I have a couple of students who will be researching it and post it in the next week.